The jukebox, like vinyl records, is an icon of a bygone era. This beautiful, luminous object, around which people would congregate was a symbol of camaraderie. Today, with its disappearance from our daily lives, Les Parfaits Inconnus is restoring it to its former glory. The jukebox lives again!


Jukeboxes make us reflect on the passing of time. Will we also be retired? Will we always be able to entertain? Dazzle? To fascinate?

This is what inspired our creation. Like an icon of the past, the patriarch of our circus family is feeling his age through the eyes of his friends. This leads him to put his skills to the test and allows him to let his imagination run wild.

The curtain opens on a living jukebox, through which musicians enter and exit before your eyes. The selection of each vinyl disc brings surprises and breathtaking, hilarious and touching performances.

With this new show, Les Parfaits Inconnus reinvents itself and explores completely new areas of circus creation. Original music inspired by electro, rock and Klezmer music contributes to create a unique atmosphere for the audience to be captivated by this show.


JUKEBOX is circus, music and comedy at its best!