In an abandoned lot on the outskirts of town, a family of travelling circus performers stops to set up camp the way they always do, as part of their life on the road. For years they’ve been presenting their show from town to town, but lately their audiences have been dwindling.


One normal day, as our young bohemians are quietly busying themselves with small daily chores, they suddenly notice the unexpected presence of an audience, who are determined to be entertained.

The performers instincts are reawakened by this surprise visit, and our travelling acrobats step up to the challenge of showcasing their multiple talents, much to the delight and awe of the public.

Each act fascinates the audience as the sweet madness that is The Return plays out on stage. Discover the colourful characters involved in this lighthearted story who occasionally clash yet always find a way of coming together through the bonds of family in this tale of circus, craziness and rock'n'roll!